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We deliver quality products & services to achieve customer‘s delight in the advanced manufacturing technology by innovation, design, marketing and improvement in the products.

We have in house test facilities to test components. Instruments including network analyzer(make : Agilent )from 0 to 26.5 GHz, MW Power meter (make : Agilent ), Frequency counter 0-18 Ghz (make : agilent )vacuum coating plant etc.

Services and manufacturer products

Microwave test beaches

Power supplies

VSWR Meter


Tunable probe

Frequency meters

Pin Modulator

Gunn Oscillator

Klystron Mount

Slotted section with probe carriage


E-plane tee

H-plane tee

Magic Tee slide screw tuners






Detector mount

Coaxial to wave guide adaptors


Movable sgorts/precision shorts

Phase shiftersmulti-hole directional couplers

Phase shiftersmulti-hole directional couplers
Waveguide horn antennas